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Importing Teradici’s Management Appliance

18 May 2010

I have downloaded the Teradici management console from their website and tried to import it into my vSphere environment using VMware Converter 3.0.3.  This seems to work fine but when the machine powers on it throws up an error message something like this:

Cannot power On ‘Teradici Servername’ on ESXservername in Datacenter.  File /vmfs/folder/teradiciservername.vmx line 55: Fiel already has an encoding “UTF-8′.   Cannot open configuration file /vmfs/folder/teradiciservername.vmx

It a a simple fix and documented by VMware in the link below.  Here’s the short version!

Using something like putty log on to the ESX host and navigate to the folder containing the VMX file.  Using something like ‘Vi’ edit the VMX file and search a line starting with:  (usually in the 2nd paragraph of the file)

.encoding = “windows-1252”

Delete this line and save and exit the text editor.  Now you should be able to power on the VM.

A big thanks to the folk’s at Teradici.  They have been extremely helpful so far with my VMware View project.


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