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Virtualisation Podcast’s

18 January 2011

I always enjoy listening to podcasts while on the commute into work!  As virtualisation is my specialist subject (Mastermind) then I thought it would be worth collating a list!

The newest kids on the block are:


This is a podcast staring (is that the correct word?)  Chris Dearden, Ed Czerfwin and Christian Mohn.   It’s still early days yet but enjoyed the first two podcasts and look forward to these three making more!

Chinwag with Mike Laverick

This is an excellent podcast that alternated between interviewing sysadmin and, new to the dictionary,  a Venderwag, where a vendor will pitch their product in the podcast.  Both formats are really good listening.  Interviewing sysadmin’s is very interesting (particularly the one with Stu McHugh), as you can get and insight into how other people run their virtual infrastructure.  Also equally interesting is the Vendorwag as it opens your eyes to products and tools that could make your life a lot easier!

Get Scripting

This is an excellent podcast about PowerShell hosted by two genius techies.  The first is Jonathan Medd who is well know character in the Powershell community and certainly given me a few tips in the past.  He knows all things powershell and just to prove it he has a Microsoft MVP.  The second host is Alan Renouf who is a French man living in the UK.  He also is an expert ‘Powersheller’ and often runs PowerCli workshops before the London Vmware User Group meeting.


Again, another excellent podcast staring to true experts in the field!  Simon Seagrave, Eric Siebert and David Davies.  I enjoy listening to this as these three know what they’re talking about.  Various subject have been covered such as certifications, virtualisation tools, VMworld coverage and moving from ESX to ESXi.


Virtumania is a US based podcast exploring all things virtual. From Microsoft, Vmware, Citrix, Powershell, and hardware vendors.  This is usually hosted by Rich Brambley, Rick Vanover and Marc Farley.

VMware Communities Roundtable

This is a weekly podcast that you can all get involved in!  It’s hosted on talkshoe so you can create an account, log in and get chatting directly to the experts!  It’s recorded on Wednesday at 8pm UK time or noon CA time by the fantastic John Troyer.

Have I missed any??  Can you advise me of other great virtual/cloud podcast to make our journeys to the great smoke more entertaining?

Let me know and I’ll add them to the list.

PS.  Also a special thank you to all these people who put in the time and effort to create these useful, informative and educational podcasts.


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