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VMware View 4.6 is out today!

25 February 2011

VMware View 4.6 has now been released.  I’m excited about this as it has some new cool features!  My particular favourites are:

Security server now supports PCoIP.  This is great as having to have two pools of desktops (one for external and one for internal) is not great.  When specifying to use PCoIP from an external source the desktop does not fail back to RDP thus needing a RDP pool and a PCoIP pool.  However now the security server supports PCoIP there’s no need for the old RDP pool!

Enhanced USB device compatibility.  I’m hoping this is going to support uni-directional devices but with the many many different types of USB devices out there so I’m just going have to give things a test.  I have dictation devices to test at the top of my list.

Other enhancements are:

  • Keyboard mapping improvements
  • New timeout setting for SSO users
  • 160 Bug fixes
  • Experimental support for Microsoft Windows 7 SP1 RC operating systems

The release notes can be found here:

The download for VMware View 4.6 can be found here:


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