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My Experience at VMworld 2011 Copenhagen

22 October 2011

So I could right a load of drivel about how great it was but a picture is worth a 1000 words so here’s my picture diary!

You can defiantly tell that you have landed in the right place as there are VMware (and others such as EMC, Symantec, etc) adverts pasted on every available flat surface.  Also helpful people holding signs and to directly you to the free courtesy bus sponsored by Symantec which takes you to the Bella exhibition centre.


Once I arrived I rushed to the labs as the queues where low.  VMware has an excellent list of many different labs.  Everything to do with the technology; from networking, troubleshooting even up to build your own cloud with vCloud Director.  Also there were some sponsored labs of which the EMC lab stood out for me which I know Simon Seagrave (Kiwi_Si) had put lots of effort into.




On Monday night the Dutch VMUG organised a party for anyone to attend.  It was a great effort and very grateful for the welcome we had!  Drinks and fun all round!



On Tuesdays the sessions started!  Lots and lots of things to learn from basic concepts to real deep dive technical subjects with experts such as Duncan Epping and Franks Denaman.  I had a packed schedule with lots of sessions to attend and making sure I fitted in some labs and visiting the Solutions exchange where I can learn all the technologies accompanying VMware.


In the evening I was luckily enough to be invited to the exclusive Veeam party.  (Special thanks to Ricky El-Qasem @rickyelqasem )




Wednesday was another day of sessions and visiting many of the booths to learn how partners can add value to a VMware infrastructure.

Simon Seagrave putting another sterling effort in a the EMC booth!




During the day a live vSoup was recording with the usual excellent hosts of Chris Dearden, Ed Szerwin, and Christian Mohn with a special guest of Ed Grigson from



Johnathan Medd managed to catch one of my Tweets on the big screen! Cheers!


I managed to capture a picture of Alan Renouf of the big screen!



An the end of the Tuesday was the first keynote which was fantastic!  There was absolute ton of blogging about this!  It was fantastic!  I’ll leave you to google that but here are a few screen shots!



On the Wednesday I had to squeeze in a few for labs!  Lars of VMKtree fame just got in before me but I suppose I can let that one go as he has such useful software!



Ed Szerwin forgot his euro adpater for his macbook…..  nice hack!



In the eveing it was the brilliant VMware party.  Buses we available from the nearest train station.  The bus even has a beer tap on board but once we got there, there wasn’t a shortage of beer and very little queue!



Once of my favorite things to come out of the solutions exchange was the new Cisco Zero client that was also a phone!  Cool!  (Thanks for the jelly beans too!)



It’s been a long week but fantastic!  Hopefully see you all again next year!




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