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VMware View 5.1 announced

2 May 2012

VMware View 5.1 announced

Some of the features which stood out for me are the following:

New features and improvements in View 5.1

  • View Storage Accelerator
  • Improved management for large scale
  • Better end-user experience with PCoIP improvements
  • Better USB support for more devices
  • More clients available
  • PcoIP improvements
  • Local mode enhancements

View Storage accelerator details:

Utilities local RAM (between 100mb – 2048mb) for common disk reads.  This increases disk performance at peak times which has shown in test the following results:

  • 80% reduction in peak OPS
  • 45% reduction in average OPS
  • 65% reduction in peak throughput
  • 25% reduction in average throughput


A faster admin console for large scale environments

The ability to report to a syslog server

Additional language support

Improvements to persona Management

New tools to enable the transition from physical to virtual desktop.  It is designed to collect the user information in preparation to switching to a virtual desktop environment.

The ability to pre-populate Active Directory with View machines before creation (composer).

Improvements to 2-factor authentication.

User Experience

USB improvements in the View agent.

The ability to connect:

  • iPhone,
  • blackberry’s,
  • SanDisk cruizer,
  • SpeechMike

More improvements for PCoIP

New clients, Mac client, Linux, iOS and Android.

Custom client download page.

See the full report over at:


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